The Interactive Clinical Case Experience (ICCE)

This new computer-based system for delivering interactive clinical cases provides:

  • educators with an easy way to develop and deliver their own cases
  • users with a rich, engaging learning environment
  • courses with a low-cost e-Learning solution.
  • How can you find out more about ICCE?

  • Tell us about your course ... how many students? how many cases you might want?
  • Send us a sample case that you use in your teaching
  • Check out our DEMO cases (if you see only a blank white screen when you launch the demo, you may need to update your Flash plugin
  • How much does it cost to use ICCE?

    A pricing structure can be provided to suit your budget. Email me for a quote for:

  • a set of 9 cases delivered to students where you provide the content
  • a set of 9 cases delivered to professionals or employees where you provide the content
  • a set of 9 cases where I prepare the ccontent and cases in full
  • Additional writing, editing, and software customisation services are available on request.

    ICCE is owned by E-mail Mike Cunningham (mjjcunning at, 2008. Contact mjjcunning (